Workplace Wellness Modernized

With a multigenerational workforce compounded with a shift to remote work – traditional benefits are being challenged.

We see organizations struggling to keep pace with an ever-changing benefits landscape and desperately trying to strike the balance between profitability and employee needs.

At Plannly, we believe a better way exists – one that meets employees wherever they are while providing employers with the flexibility to adapt to change and Human Resources with the necessary tools to manage employee participation and program effectiveness.

We are working daily to improve the experience for employees and employers. And we will continue to do just that.

Personalized Wellness Benefits

We strive to create a diverse and inclusive culture by honoring and respecting differences.
From employee to vendor, we vow to curate more meaningful and impactful relationships centered around wellness .
We are committed to prioritizing employee health and wellness, in balance with the bottom line.
We know that life is ever-changing. We've used our extensive HR expertise to design a Plannly platform that adapts to both employees' and employer's needs.
Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We use technology to develop solutions and connect people to their wellness plan.
We act with integrity by being honest and open. We use our moral compass as a guide to make ethical and transparent decisions.

Our Values

Modern Benefits for the Modern Workforce