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Plannly simplifies the process of planning in-person social gatherings so you can spend more time creating personal connections. In three simple steps, you can plan the what, where, and when of your next social gathering and share a customized digital itinerary with your guest, who can RSVP in seconds.

Whether it’s a one-on-one in-person gathering, your first, second, or third date, you can plan it effortlessly with Plannly.

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Plannly is putting the human back into social connectedness.

Social interaction is essential to every aspect of our overall well-being. As human beings, we value in-person connections for a sense of belonging and a sense of connectedness. Plus, there’s nothing like getting together in person to have fun.

Yet, in this increasingly hyper-connected digital world, we find ourselves building virtual relationships that are confined to the borders of our phones or a computer screen.

Plannly is on a mission to change this narrative to create a world that prioritizes in-person connections and champions building deeper relationships by taking virtual connections and turning them into real-life experiences and in-person connections.
Alisha Harris
Earl Harris
Yes, we’re hubby & wifey
We strive to create a diverse and inclusive culture by honoring and respecting differences.
We value relationships with our employees and users by leveraging virtual connections and turning them into real-life experiences.
We are committed to creating a world that prioritizes in-person connections to build deeper and more meaningful relationships.
Part of planning is being flexible. We know that with a little flexibility you can do more. With flexibility, we increase possibilities.
Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We use technology to create solutions and experiences that connect people.
We act with integrity by being honest and open. We use our moral compass as a guide to making ethical and transparent decisions.

Our values

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