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4 Ways to Get More People To Your Event

Have you ever been to a great event and found yourself thinking "I wish I’d known about this venue earlier"? If you've ever been a host of any event, then you know how difficult it is to put together a successful and well attended event. You know that it's success really relies on attendance. The more people who show up, the better your event will go- but it is not always easy to get people to come out. 

You have spent hours coming up with the perfect theme, setting up your space, and designing the invitations. You’re done telling all your friends about the event, you made a Facebook invite, but people still seem to flake out. To help you get more people to your event, we have compiled a list of four tips and strategies for getting more attendees. We hope that these will be helpful in making the planning process just a little bit easier- it's not easy hosting an event! 

Over-Plan Everything: 

First, start with understanding that people are lazy. And busy. And if your event requires them to do any sort of work—even something as simple as making a decision—their interest could wane. So, you need to do everything for them before you even send over an invite. That means deciding on a location, a time, and the activity, as well as giving them all the information they need right from the start. 

Avoid providing people with too many options. You have a much better chance of getting people to respond positively if they're told what the event is, where to show up, and when it's happening. 

Details and More Details

If you're putting on an event, then chances are your guests have a whole bunch of questions about the details. Take advantage of this by getting all that information out of the way in advance so that doesn't become a hindrance. You want to give them so much information about said activity that the only thing they have to do is rock up and have a good time. The less they have to 'figure things out', the more likely it is they are to commit.

Make it irresistible

How good is your venue? Is it somewhere that your guests would want to hang out at? Could it even be a place in their 'must-go' list? Tout about the venue. What are all the nice, fun, quirky, interesting, unique, and notable things about this place? Tell them about the mouthwatering food and drinks on the menu. What's special there? What dish are they famous for? What about the entertainment? Maybe it boasts one of the city's hottest DJs who'll be spinning the tunes all night. Make sure you don't miss sharing the fun facts! to share that fact! 

What else are you planning to do at the event? Is there some kind of fun theme you're planning for? Not all themed outfits have to be obvious and obnoxious. Maybe you can tell your guests to dress in their 1980s-inspired outfits and have a chance at winning a prize for the best-dressed guest. If they know about what's going on beforehand then they're more likely to show up (even if it means getting out of bed)

Social Media Is Your Friend

Although invitations via 'word of mouth' are suitable, you can reach people more quickly, easier and at no cost using social media. In addition to inviting people through, connect with your contacts through social media. Build a party page on Facebook and invite your friends to join it. Doing so also allows you to easily track those who plan to attend and those who can't make it. 

Create a hashtag to allow them to connect with each other before the event. You can also create filters that your attendees can use for stories! If it's a large party, providing a blog with all the details, a link to an online map and some pictures is also suitable. 

We know how hard it is to plan an event. Not only do you have to think about the date and time, the venue, food and drinks, entertainment, etc., but also figuring out who should be invited and a nervous anticipation of how many will show up! That’s why we created – an app to help you easily plan social gatherings and get access to auto-calendar scheduling, venue scouting, single and group invitations, and event reminders. Click below to download our app now and get started planning your next event today!

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