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Organize Your Business With Plannly

Organization is key to productivity. Plannly breeds efficiency. It creates clear communication across teams and with clients - allowing you to do more with your time, and your business.

A Curated Calendar

Organize your events in one calendar with all your plans. Keep track of availability to maximize your productivity. Book new appointments easily with clients and co-workers by sharing and confirming plans with the Plannly app.
Process Improvements

Recurring Events

Give recurring plans a long-term space on your calendar. Plannly has an option for both one-time events as well as recurring meetings. So whether it’s a once a month meet-and-greet or a weekly happy hour, you get it all penciled in.

Calendar Syncing

Combine your business plans with your personal plans with calendar syncing. Plannly will sync with your other calendars to get everything in one place so you can avoid overlap. This helps you prioritize your commitments and avoid unnecessary confusion.
Scheduler Assistant


Plannly sends you notifications when a plan changes. View cancellations and RSVP lists to stay updated on your events. Plannly sends you reminders 24 hours before your events to help minimize flakiness.
The short answer: everyone. This is why it works so well with businesses. Everyone is juggling the places they need to be and the people they need to see. With Plannly, you get plans confirmed and organized so that you can reach more people.

Who uses Plannly

Schools and Universities

Send out a Plannly link to your students’ emails and get an RSVP count for your school events. Get your students involved with easy communication around events at the school. Plannly syncs with their calendars and sends reminders when it’s time to get excited!

Sales Professionals

With Plannly, you can keep your appointments organized so you can fill your schedule efficiently. Send clients a Plannly link to get on their calendar. Build relationships with potential clients by getting out and sharing experiences over golf, coffee, or happy hour.
It’s time to give your company culture a boost. A boost of confidence with social event planning. How somebody feels about the company they work for has a huge impact on what they are willing to do for that company.

Using Plannly, you can put together company events or happy hours that get your team socializing beyond the weekly office meeting. The more comfortable they are with each other outside of the office, the more comfortable they will be collaborating inside the office.

Human Resources

Event Planners

You get everything accounted for. You have everything chosen. The one unknown is always… the people. Let Plannly help you organize the people. Send out a link and let Plannly take care of the rest. You will be notified when people confirm yes or no - as well as last minute changes to the RSVP list.

What our users say

IOS user
Devon Jacobsen
“Plannly has connected our office and helped to create an inclusive culture. Instead of side cliques, we have more plans with everyone in the office, and it’s easy to include everyone by just sharing a link!”
Android user
Kevin Egan
“I’m a personal trainer, and Plannly has helped me organize my clients and fit more into my schedule. I’m more productive without taking on too big of a workload.”
IOS user
Youngju Troy
“I plan a lot of events. Plannly is so easy to use I feel confident sending links to get people set up with easy scheduling. I get all of my confirmed RSVPs quickly without having to track people down.”
The more you plan, the more you do. Strong in-person connections start with a plan. Download the app and get started!

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