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Party Planning App

Life is full of moments to celebrate. Whether you are working on a wedding, baby shower, anniversary, or retirement party - it all begins with a plan.

Get The Party Penciled In

With Plannly, you can easily select the perfect day and time to get the party started. Send the details to all of the guests with one link. Once a guest books the plan, you’re on their calendar.
Discover Places

Let the Details Fall Into Place

Plannly recommends places to party based on your location. Find the perfect venue to host the next big event. This party planning app has details falling into place effortlessly.
Share the link to the plan in email, text, or DM - wherever your people will find it. Once it’s a plan you're ready to party.

Get The Party Started By Sending a Link

Event Reminders

Party Planning with Reminders

When the celebration is coming up, you may be tempted to check in to make sure nobody has forgotten. With Plannly, you don’t have to worry about it. Plannly sends a reminder automatically so nobody misses out.

Protect Your Personal Information

With Plannly, you get party details shared without sharing any personal information. You don’t need to share phone numbers in order to share the link. One link can be sent to everybody on any platform. Get everyone in the same place ready to party.
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The more you plan, the more you do. Strong in-person connections start with a plan. Download the app and get started!

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