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Six Fun & Unique Ways To Celebrate Birthdays

Whether you love the chance to celebrate your birthday, or dread turning another year older, it's worth reminding yourself that birthdays are an opportunity to gather friends and family in one place and spend some time together. And let's face it, as working adults, we often tend to forego celebrations. But while it's easy to get bogged down with work and life, it's important to pause and celebrate life's precious moments - and what better excuse is there to get all your favorite peeps in one space and reminisce about the past year(s) you’ve spent together?
However, picking a favorite theme or venue to host your party was easier to do as a kid - but as an adult, it can be a little trickier. And know that it doesn't have to always be “meet me at that local bar” or “let’s just all do dinner”!

Host a Wine tasting: 

Most of us love a glass of vino and learning some tidbits about it. To make that possible, there are some savvy wine clubs that offer wine tasting kits that are perfect for parties and digging into the nuances of your favorite bottle. Or you could just have your friends, family and colleagues bring their own favorite bottles and take it from there.

Host a film screening: 

Is this your special year? AKA, one of the 'big ones'? Go all in and rent out a local theater and work with them to play your favorite movie. Pop a load of popcorn and pack some snacks. Special year but don't have a special budget? You could totally replicate this at home and do something similar at your own place for way cheaper too.

Host a mixology party: 

Love having a party at a bar? This one could be super fun - and way better! You can call your local restaurant and ask them if you can hire their mixologist to shake up some custom drinks for your friends all night long! Find out what their favorite ingredients are, give your mixologist some ideas in advance, and serve up some happy hour snacks! Add to that a killer playlist and voila! You have a party in your own space.

Plan an active day: 

What's your favorite way to move? What about your guests? What could be something that everyone would partake in and enjoy? Whether you'll go hiking or rock climbing, take a group dance or a classpass, day camps or float trips, spartan race or a tough mudder, there is an activity out there for everyone. 

Take a trip: 

Maybe you're feeling a little adventurous? But the idea of planning a large group on a faraway destination sounds as daunting as it does adventurous. But there may be local destinations where you could gather all your good friends and take a road trip instead. I mean, who doesn't love an excuse for a (quick) vacation?

Cook up a feast: 

Not to say that you have to cook an elaborate meal - but why not just gather everyone around for a home cooked meal at your place? You can host it yourself or with the help of other friends. Or invite your guests to bring along their favorite dishes so you all can get together for a potluck! You could even ask everyone to bring their own wine and tell them that it's BYOG (bring your own good-time)

No matter what you do, try to make it something special. As adults, sometimes we get so caught up with the hustle of it all, that we forget to celebrate the good times. So, no matter what your party theme or venue is, take a deep breath and just relax and have fun!

And when you're ready to share an invite, download It’s a simple-to-use tool that helps you easily plan social gatherings in a matter of seconds! Get access to auto-calendar scheduling, restaurant scouting, single and group invitations, and event reminders - all in under a minute, so you can focus on being to be more creative around your birthday ideas and not get bogged down by how to manage group invitations.