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How to plan a coolest #dadchelor party

Dadchelor parties are a dude's twist to the traditional baby shower parties, minus the pink and pastel, with some added ruggedness. Theme and purpose are still the same - celebrating the impending arrival of a new person in your life before it's no longer just "fun and games" and to remind the soon-to-be dad to start organizing his life and prepare for some important changes that are going to take place. Have you found yourself at the helm of organizing one? Are you about to lose your best buddy to diapers and feeding bottles? Here are the five things that can help you plan it. 


Thinking of getting together over some video games and booze with some chips and salsa? That's all too bland and nothing new! Hey, but they don't have to be all grand either. Dadchelor parties are all about the theme and a not-so-subtle reminder of this new person that’s on the way! You can do something simple as backyard BBQ - but have the full squad turn up in themed dadchelor shirts, grab some "huggies and chuggies" can-cooler for the beer, and maybe even some #babybrewing photo backdrop to capture the final days of freedom! And to top it off, put a daddy-to-be sash like this around him! I mean... #whynot?


Dad Shower Cakes? Thinking of the traditional diaper cake? On the fence in deciding whether it's still appropriate for a dad? Well, he will be changing diapers after all... won't he, ladies? So yes, it's still very appropriate - but you can give the standard traditional diaper cake a little dad twist, though. Maybe add some beer cans into the layers. And you could personalize it with some miniature toys that represents dad's line of work. What about cupcakes? Are they for moms? Too feminine? Not so fast, lads! Here are some cool ideas to be a little creative with cupcakes!


Get creative with food & beer and serve some guy friendly grub. Yeah, maybe it's true that men might be okay with a can of beer and a bag of chips, but who says food pairings are only reserved for cheese+wine? Pair craft beer with some spicy jerky and pork crisps. Add some gourmet goodies and serve some heartier meals. What about the bar? Mom might have to abstain, but dad can chug a few and loosen up! Prepare dad's favorite brews and let him loosen up. Luckily, dads don't have the problem of having to refrain from alcoholic bevs!


Dads-to-be might understandably not be excited about opening frilly onesies or the most eco-friendly bottles. So, what about some dad-specific gifts in your celebration! Together as a squad, you can help put together a little #dadcave. I mean... what dad will deny needing the caves? They don't have to be a high-tech gadget-y thing. You could help decorate his #mancave and make it a bit more... uhh.. #dadfriendly? You could add to his collections if he's got a thing for some form of collectibles. And don't forget to stock up a little bit on gifts for the new mommy-to-be too. 


Lastly, you can't forget dad's jam. Personalize dad's dad-day song to be dad-tastic. You can put dad's favorite tunes that he already has in a music playlist, but for some dadchelor fun, you could do a little karaoke and sing dad his favorite jams! Perhaps find dad's some of the most embarrassing photos and throw them out on a projector for an added laugh. 
And lastly, make sure you get dad's opinion in all this because the point of dadchelor parties is to celebrate his upcoming fatherhood. So while you could just organize a party and bring him along for the ride - or you could ask what he wants to do, too.
So, there you have it. With these tips, you can add a little more fun in organizing the goodbye party to dad's freedom! Of course, we're joking! Babies are the most precious addition - and every ounce worth the sleepless nights and smelly diapers. ;) 

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