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Date Planning App

Date planning can be nerve-racking. We’ve all been there. Move virtual conversations to in-person connections with a date planning app that makes the transition easy.

Now You’ve Got Time

Plannly puts date planning right into your synced calendar. Let’s eliminate the back and forth unclear communication that adds stress to date planning. Plannly helps remove the fear of rejection with the ease of sending a link.
Discover Places

Try Something New

Don’t let not knowing where to go hold you back. The Plannly app recommends the best places in the area. Get your date excited to try someplace new. Make your dating experiences boundless.
If your conversation started in the dating app - feel free to send it there! Text, email, or DM - just a couple of clicks to copy and paste the link. They’ll pull up the time and place and be notified of any change of plans. Whether this is your first date or your 50th date - sending a plan makes a great impression.

Make It a Date By Sharing a Link

Event Reminders

Date Planning With a Busy Schedule

Get notified of your plans 24 hours before so you aren’t worried about missing a thing. Make plans with peace of mind. You can easily keep track of it all with our date planning app.

Protect Your Personal Information

One hurdle to taking a relationship off the dating site is the need to share personal information. With Plannly organizing your first date, you don’t need to share your personal phone number until you feel comfortable to do so!

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The more you plan, the more you do. Strong in-person connections start with a plan. Download the app and get started!

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