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Need Date Ideas? Plan Your Next Date Outside

Whether you’re looking to spice things up in your relationship, trying to reconnect after five years of dating or just want a few fun dates in your back pocket for when you meet someone worth impressing, trying something new and different is never a bad plan. Anyone can make a dinner reservation at the little Italian place down the street, but it takes a true dating whiz to turn an ordinary evening into a magical one. The difference between a date night that your partner will soon forget and one they’ll remember fondly forever is just a little bit of effort and creative thinking. And isn’t that worth it?

Take A Hike

If you both love the great outdoors, grab your sneakers (or hiking boots, if you’re true pros) and set out for a day of adventure! Maybe you can even give one another massages later to soothe your tired muscles, wink wink.

Go On A Picnic

Head to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or your local market before the date and get some cheeses, breads, fruits and whatever else your little heart desires. Package it all up in a cute picnic basket or cooler, bring a cozy blanket or some beach towels and plop down to enjoy your feast at a local park. Major photo app alert.

Take The Ferry

If you live on a coast or close to water, chances are there’s a ferry nearby. While plenty of people use these big boats to commute, they also serve as a little mini cruise around your hometown, so have you and your partner dress up and make a day out of it! Make a point to grab lunch wherever the ferry docks before taking it a second time back home.

Wake Up Early For Sunrise

If you live by a body of water (or anywhere else where you can guarantee a great view), set an alarm for a little before sunrise and plan to both wake up. Put on your comfiest sweats, hit up a coffee drive-through for something warm and energizing, and head to your special spot to watch the sunrise together. If you’re not early risers, you can try sunset instead!

Food Truck Lunch

Find out where the food trucks in your town gather and convince your date to try something new for lunch! Something about ordering your meal from a food truck feels so spontaneous and funky. Great date material!

Hit Up A Roller Or Ice Skating Rink

If it’s spring or summer, rent some skates and go to a local roller rink for tons of laughs (and, potentially, some athletic struggles). If it’s winter, Christmas-ify your date and go ice skating instead!

Once you decide what you want to do, just simply share your Plannly link with your date and you're all set! :)