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Bring it all together

With our advanced platform determine a benefit amount, Issue cards in seconds, add merchant restrictions and have complete control over every wallet.

Audit Reimbursements

Maximize every penny with our “Use it or lose it” program. Check all the boxes: Make Finance Dept. Happy, Reallocate Unused Funds, and invest In work-life balance.

Dynamic Spending Controls

Intuitive Data to Enhance Wellness Decisions

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to identify and address behavioral patterns and red-flags before they occur to reduce health care costs, augment productivity, decrease employee burnout, turnover and attrition.
Easily manage users, block merchant categories, or create other advanced combinations of rules. Update spending controls at any time in the dashboard or with customer support.

Rollout and Communication

Leverage Plannly's systems, including email, calendar, Slack, and more integrations to inform and educate employees. Plannly's Support Team is also available 24-7 for concierge support.

Plan The Way Forward

Keeping the hybrid workforce connected, employees engaged, and company culture thriving.