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Pencil It In.

Don’t get stuck behind a screen. Plannly helps you organize your social life. Do more of what you love while making the in-person connections that you need. Plan it with Plannly.
Discover Places

Keep It Fresh With New Places

How many times have you spent 30 minutes deciding where to eat with someone? Plannly helps you find new restaurants and venues to meet so you’re not left picking the same old same old. Get quick recommendations to share in seconds based on your location.

Plan More Efficiently

Connect your calendar with Plannly so you have all your events in one place. How often do you talk about plans without actually doing them? With Plannly, you get confirmation of plans from people without vague details. Eliminating confusion and wasted time.
Automated Notification

Set It And Forget It

Get notified when your plans are coming up. Sometimes you get caught up in a busy schedule and you completely forget about the things you want to do the most. Plannly helps you do more of what you love. No more missing out when life gets busy.
Text, email, DM — however you get a hold of people. Simply send them the Plannly link and get it penciled in. If a guest has a change of plans you are notified immediately.

Share Plans Anywhere By Sending a Link

Have plans been lost in communication? Did you make plans with someone but now you’re not sure if it’s still happening? Nobody has time for that confusion.

Plannly gets plans confirmed and on the calendar. Use Plannly to plan any event from Tuesday morning coffee to your cousin’s baby shower. Spend less time planning and more time doing.

When to use Plannly


Get excited about even the most casual get-togethers. Embrace life’s events — big and small. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate life’s best moments by making more of them. It’s time to plan it!


Get the plan out and on everybody’s calendar. Party planning is easier when you have a tool that keeps everybody on the same page, so you can get everyone in the same place.
Time to move from the date finder app to the date planning app. Be bold and fearless so that you can build strong in-person connections. Plannly is the tool you need to make the jump.


Use Plannly to make solid plans for any activity. From book club to jogging around the neighborhood, build those strong connections doing what you love.


What our users say

IOS user
Carly Zalit
I’m the kind of person who finds planning exhausting and honestly frightening. Plannly has helped me to stop procrastinating and just send plans to people. It’s also helped me to be more proactive and bold so I can build up my social life in person
IOS user
Jen Lessard
I’m getting all my friends on board with Plannly and we are finally getting out and doing more! Even trying new things we have never done before. I love it! It’s the breath of fresh air we all needed.
IOS user
Jeremy Olson
Yes? No? Let’s make it clear and simple. What are we doing and are you down? Too many vague ideas and not enough doing from a lot of my friends. Plannly helps me to be clear and direct so that I can still see my friends, but skip the confusing back and forth. Thanks Plannly.
The more you plan, the more you do. Strong in-person connections start with a plan. Download the app and get started!

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