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From grabbing coffee with your friends to hosting huge parties, Plannly makes it easy to create and share plans in less than 60 seconds!

Plan the perfect party

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Tired of Complicated Planning?
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Come up with an idea and start planning right from the app, all events are welcome on Plannly.
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Locate the perfect place for your next meet-up, with our easy-to-use location scouting feature.
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Send out event invitations to groups
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How it works?

Create & Share Your Plans In Just 3 Easy Steps!


Choose the type of event you’re planning; coffee with friends, cocktails with a date, dinner with your family, or whatever event you like, effortlessly.


Pick your venue with our convenient location auto-population feature. We sync up to Google and hand-deliver the best places for your event within a 15 mile-radius of where you are.


Get everyone on the same schedule with Plannly’s responsive itinerary. Share your event via a link and let your invitees select their preferred day and time while eliminating the back and forth of event planning, for good!

Mission Accomplished!

And just like that, you've made plans, sync them to your calendar and share it with your friends or coworkers. No stress. No unnecessary back and forth.

Two Ways to Share Your Plans

Plannly helps you easily plan social gatherings in under 60 seconds. Get access to auto-calendar scheduling, location scouting, single and group invitations, and event reminders, with our simple-to-use tool. Streamline your planning in two ways...

Create Recuring Plans

Create a reoccurring event (say, Sunday Brunch with your friends) and share the link to an infinite number of invitees with a single click. Our universal link allows invitees to view the time, location, and availability of everyone else on your guest list, making it easier to make plans.

Create One-Time Plans

Create a one-time link to plan a birthday dinner in Malibu or business meeting, with Plannly’s personalized links. Easily share your link with friends or family, and allow them to view the itinerary and book a reservation. Each personalized link also includes the duration of the event to keep everyone on the same schedule.

What our users say

IOS user
Carly Zalit
I’m the kind of person who finds planning exhausting and honestly frightening. Plannly has helped me to stop procrastinating and just send plans to people. It’s also helped me to be more proactive and bold so I can build up my social life in person
Android user
Jen Lessard
I’m getting all my friends on board with Plannly and we are finally getting out and doing more! Even trying new things we have never done before. I love it! It’s the breath of fresh air we all needed.”
IOS user
Jeremy Olson
Yes? No? Let’s make it clear and simple. What are we doing and are you down? Too many vague ideas and not enough doing from a lot of my friends. Plannly helps me to be clear and direct so that I can still see my friends, but skip the confusing back and forth. Thanks Plannly.
“Putting the human back into social connectedness.”

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