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The Plannly app helps people find their next destination and make it a plan. Let’s make it your restaurant or venue. Partnering with Plannly will get your business in front of more people as they are planning their next social gathering.
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People use the Plannly app to create plans to get together with people face-to-face. This is the ideal location for advertising your restaurant or venue.

Stop wasting money on advertisements that fall flat. On the Plannly app, people are looking for you. So, let’s help them find you.

In-App Advertising

Attract New Customers

Nobody wants to go to the same restaurant every week. People who make plans using Plannly are looking to diversify their experiences. They value connecting in person and creating new memories.

Not only are they choosing a location for themselves, but also everybody that they invite on the Plannly app. Do you want to be the next gathering place?

Track Reservations

Do you host large groups and parties? Using the Plannly app you can track reservations with your guests and see the confirmed number of attendees joining.

Upgrade your business with our organized social event planning application.

Drive More Revenue

The more people who learn about your business, the more seats you will fill. Plannly helps get the word out. Restaurants and venues are recommended based on their location and their accommodations. May your hard work be noticed.

Gain More Exposure

While Plannly is made for in-person connections, the users of our app love technology. Sharing experiences online is another way to connect and another way for you to get noticed. When a guest tags you in their Instagram post you are seen by all of their followers with a positive review to go with it. Get yourself in those conversations when you advertise with Plannly!

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Put yourself in the middle of social event planning. Making your way into guests’ plans gets you into the conversation. So let’s get them talking!