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Social Selling Just Got Easier

Social selling in the virtual world has had its moment in the sun. Make a greater impact by moving your social selling back to the basics with face-to-face connections. Social event planning just got easier with the Plannly app helping you make the jump from an online connection to an in-person connection.

See More People

Plannly helps keep your time and connections organized. This magnifies your efficiency. With synced calendars, you can rid yourself of white space to be sure your schedule is getting you in front of more people - making genuine connections.

Maximizing your availability to maximize your productivity.
Discover Places

Keep Your Plans Exciting

Get more potential clients interacting with you by choosing new and exciting places to meet. This is easy with Plannly’s recommendations available within the app. Make your time together memorable with a unique setting. The Plannly app helps you discover the places to make it happen.
Plannly makes social event planning easy with quick sharing and clear communication. Get notified when a guest RSVPs or changes plans. No more vague conversations!

A Link For Everyone

Event Reminders

A Tap On The Shoulder

Wondering if you should remind people of your plans? Plannly will do it for you. Get the turnout you were hoping for with Plannly nudging people there. Our social event planning app sends reminders when an event is coming up. No more excuses!

Protect Your Personal Information

With Plannly, you get party details shared without sharing any personal information. You don’t need to share phone numbers in order to share the link. One link can be sent to everybody on any platform. Get everyone in the same place ready to party.
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The more you plan, the more you do. Strong in-person connections start with a plan. Download the app and get started!

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