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Transform Your Team with Plannly

A strong team is essential for any business. Give your company opportunities to come together outside of their office duties. This transforms company culture and creates an environment where collaboration and cooperation thrive.

Busy Day, Easy Plans

Managing a team is no easy task. You have a lot on your plate. Plannly helps you make and confirm plans more efficiently. Get your whole company together for happy hour, lunch breaks, or a holiday party.

Get on everyone’s calendar with a one-time event or recurring events. Social event planning doesn’t need to be complicated.
Discover Places

Goodbye Office

Get your employees in a new environment! You might see new possibilities. When a team is comfortable with each other, they’ll work much more effectively together in the office. Plannly gives you recommendations of new restaurants and venues to try out with your team.
Send out an email to the office with your plan’s link and everyone knows what’s going on. They can see who has confirmed yes and any change of plans. Add effective communication and inclusion to your company culture!

Get Everyone On The Same Page

Event Reminders

A Friendly Nudge

The one time you don’t want them to get caught up in work… Plannly will help get them there. Plannly sends automatic reminders to avoid missing out on any plans. Now you don’t need to remind your team of the event coming up, Plannly’s got it covered.

Keep It Professional

Keep everyone comfortable when you get the team together. With the Plannly link, no need to share your personal phone number to get everyone together. Send the link to their work emails or anywhere you would normally get ahold of them.
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