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Wellness Evolution

From 2013 to 2019, the price of health insurance premiums grew by 22%, dwarfing the growth in overall inflation (8%) and workers’ earnings (14%).

Well-implemented wellness programs can save employers an upwards of 25% savings on absenteeism, health care costs and unnecessary recruitment costs. As of 2021, most employers offer some kind of wellness benefit – including 53% of small businesses and 81% of large companies.

Design. Implement. Scale.

Yesteryear's top-down approach to wellness programs is inefficient. It leads to lower employee participation, which causes employers to overspend on wellness programs and over-allocate benefits.

Plannly provides employers a platform to help administer personalized health and wellness benefits and allows employers to cut costs, save money on their wellness program, and demonstrate an ROI by investing in a wellness program that actually scales.

Plannly accomplishes this by providing your workforce with a wellness marketplace and digital wallet, employer-sponsored allowances, and dynamic assessments that help employees choose their wellness solutions.

Modernized Wellness Benefits

"Delivering personalized health and wellness benefits to the multigenerational workforce."