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Brand Story

Humans weren’t made to live independently from the people around them. The amount of time spent interacting behind a screen has increased dramatically in recent years. Virtual relationships are not enough.

Plannly is here to break down virtual borders and bring humans together again with social event planning. Good social relationships are the best predictor of a happy life. We can make a greater impact united together when we prioritize face-to-face interactions.
Social event planning doesn’t need to be complicated. By keeping the planning phase simple, connections happen without the hurdles. Interacting with people through text on a screen can only get you so far. So, are you ready to put the human back into your social connections? We’re here to help.

Putting the Human Back into Social Connectedness


Easy Party Planning

Whether you are celebrating a wedding or the weekend, Plannly makes getting everyone together easy. This party planning app brings you recommendations for your destinations to help you create the perfect plan. Easy shareable links, which can be sent via text, email, or DMs. You get all of the RSVPs in one place with notifications of any change of plans. Get it all done quick and easy - so you are ready to party.

Here’s to More In-Person Experiences and Connections